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How PAF Assists Patients with Access to Care: Underinsured and Uninsured Issues

Uninsured Patients

PAF case managers provide services to Americans who have no health insurance including applications to governmental programs such as Medicaid and/or Medicare, obtaining charity care and/or financial assistance through medical facilities, and obtaining necessary medications through prescription assistance programs or other state/national medication assistance programs. Case managers also inform patients about clinical trials and assist with clinical trial enrollment. PAF may be able to help locate insurance coverage through risk pools, guarantee issues, individual/group insurance, and COBRA.

Underinsured Patients

A person is considered underinsured if he/she has health insurance coverage but lacks the financial resources needed to cover out-of-pocket expenses for medical care. In addition, a person can also be considered underinsured when access to medical services is inhibited as the direct result of insurance benefit exclusions.

PAF provides the following services to patients who are underinsured: medication co-pay assistance, mediation with insurance companies, arbitration of the appeal process on the patient's behalf, negotiation with medical facilities and assistance with COBRA issues."